5 spheres multicolor 300x291The National Peace Academy has been contributing to a culture of peace since 2009, and we are dedicated to building on our past successes, continuing to take a holistic approach through the five spheres – personal, social, institutional, political and ecological – and intensifying our efforts for even greater national impact.

Thus, through the four cornerstones of peace education, peace research, peace policy, and peace practice, the National Peace Academy carries out its mission in three interrelated and mutually supportive strategic areas:

Shining a Spotlight on Peace Happening

NPA brings to public consciousness all that is going on to build and sustain communities of right relationship – the peacebuilders, the work they do, the success they are having, the resources available, and the culture of peace that already exists – thereby also facilitating networking among peacebuilders and communities everywhere to share experiences, learn from one another, and engage in synergistic collaborations. Read more about Shining a Spotlight.

Bringing Forth Peace Perspectives and Practices

NPA serves as both clearinghouse and developer of best practices, curricular materials, positive peace perspectives, and other resources for capacitating people and organizations for building communities of right relationship. Read more about Bringing Forth Peace Perspectives and Practices.

Making Space

NPA, in collaboration with partners across the country, catalyzes, convenes, and facilitates local and national gatherings and processes for face-to-face dialogue, exploration, healing, celebration, and other such opportunities for communities to discover and practice living in right relationship. Read more about Making Space.