US Youth Rising:
An Initiative for Young Leaders in Peacebuilding

GYR TheaOnBLM cropAt GYR16: US youth Thea Matthews at a panel on global change movements

Around the world, young leaders are transforming our world in positive ways.  From gun violence to the movement for black lives, to environmental justice, young people continue to lead with conviction, clarity, and strength.

Inspired by our experiences in 2016 partnering with the Global Youth Rising International Youth Peace Forum, where 70 young peacebuilders collaborated with peacebuilding professionals to share skills, resources, and networking, we are excited to support similar efforts within the U.S. This year we kick off this initiative, which we call U.S. Youth Rising.

The U.S. Youth Rising Initiative offers opportunities for bridging our nation’s political and cultural divisions in order to transform systems of white supremacy, sexism, and all forms of hate- and fear-based ‘other’ism.

Offerings focus on youth and young adults – ages 16 to 24.

Through webinars, workshops, events, school trainings, and more, young leaders will enhance their skills, resources, and practices for the grounding, relationship building, and learning needed to become effective peacebuilders in their communities and workplaces.

We envision young leaders participating who are engaged in work for such transformative movements and causes as Black Lives Matter, civil and human rights, LGBTQ rights, global climate change, gender equity, gun violence, and more – and who understand and find imperative the intersectionality of these issues towards building cultures of peace.

Shift Network Summer of Peace

This year we are excited to team up with the Shift Network to partner around "Summer of Peace". This year we will ensure that the voices of young people are heard, that they are connected with others in their field, and that we are learning together. groupchain

 A special Summer of Peace summit will be held August 7-9, so stay tuned for further details.

Highlighting young leaders

Are you a leader between the ages of 16-24? Let us know what you’re up to! We may invite you to share your experiences in a webinar or teleconference panel presentation. Tell us more about your work here!

Multigenerational Learning Communities

Beginning in June, we will be supporting the creation of small, multigenerational learning communities, designed to partner leaders across generations working in similar peacebuilding fields. Interested in participating? Complete the application form found here.

Stay in touch! youth

We’d love to hear more about the support needed by young leaders and those who work with them. What resources, skills, tools, and support do you need? Write to us here.

I came to the [NPA peacebuilding program] a bit unsure of my voice, thinking of all those in the world who seemed more qualified to be peacebuilders. What I discovered was an incredibly supportive community in which I could articulate my dream and specific passion as a peacebuilder and receive the support needed to courageously plan the steps to walk towards this vision. Because of [this program], I have a newfound courage for the transformation I can nourish in my own community.

–past Peacebuilding Program participant